Accomplishments & Future Plans

Through the generosity of our members, the purchases of our patrons and hard work of our volunteers, we were able to fund all of these projects for the Orchard Park Public Library.

Future Plans: 

  • We are continuing to build a capital fund to aid in long range plans for expansion of the Library building

Every Year:

  • Rose Collection Books 
  • Children’s Programs
  • Youth Programs
  • 4th Tuesday Speaker Series
  • Book Sale successes
  • Library needs as requested by Director

Orchard Park Public Library Rear Entrance



  • Library Security System
  • Purchase of two laptops
  • Two charging stations for tablets and phones



  • Chairs and cafe style tables for Young Adult area in library
  • Children's are couch, chair and ottoman
  • Video Surveillance System 
  • Together with the Library Trustees, installed a bench in memorial of Dorothy Solomon, long time librarian
  • Ellison machine and related dies for cutting shapes used in programs and decorations
  • Chess board for use in the library
  • Sign Board for announcing programs
  • Star Wars figure cut outs to be used in programs and decor
  • Created an annual scholarship program. The $250 scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school senior at the Orchard Park Public High School, who is continuing his/her education the following academic year as a full-time student working toward an associates or bachelor's degree at an accredited college or university. 



  • Converted local historical newspapers, years 1942 - 1979,  from microfilm to PDF files to make them more accessible.  This was a joint project with the Orchard Park Historical Society.
  • Additional shelving
  • Workstations in the staff workroom



  • Completed library chairs reupholstering
  • New folding tables for meeting room
  • Arrow shaped signage for events
  • Snow Blower 
  • Jumper cables to help patrons


  • Reupholstered all library chairs
  • Large flat screen TV with Blue-Ray media player in meeting room
  • Sound system in meeting room
  • Spinning magazine rack  for current periodicals
  • Additional shelving
  • Digital camera for the library staff
  • Began the annual Halloween Party



  • Celebrated 30 years as a Friends organization
  • Citation from the New York State Assembly for 30 years of service 
  • Landscaping around the library (in cooperation with Library Trustees and Town of  Orchard Park)
  • Wood shutters for back windows
  • New bike rack
  • Additional children’s bookshelves (doghouses)
  • Anti-fatigue mats for the information desks
  • CD player
  • Set of encyclopedias



  • New computer, 2 laptop computers
  • Outstanding Library Advocate Award
  • new telephones, a vacuum cleaner and a laminator 



  • Two color laser printers
  • refrigerator
  • laptop computer
  • new shed to store donated books for book sale



  • David Casey Library Advocate Award from the New York Library Association
  • Carpeting and painting in the library not covered by library grant
  • Library Christmas tree (in cooperation with OP Garden Club)



  • Purchased the custom built Information Desk in center of library
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the Orchard Park Library Board of Trustees



  • Re-roofed library shed
  • Wii gaming system
  • Holiday decorations
  • Book trucks
  • Chairs for children's programs
  • New shelves
  • Program supplies



  • TV and DVD player
  • Leather sofa and chairs in the reading area
  • New shelving
  • Holiday decorations
  • Power Point projector
  • Wet-Vac vacuum



  • Funded much of the library new book budget due to cutbacks in the Erie County budget.  $10,000 was given for books
  • Digital Camera
  • Telephone system
  • Paperback racks
  • Planters for front of building
  • Printer



  • Over the years we have also purchased fax machines, a digital camera and furniture for children and adults ("dog house" book shelves in children’s area, study tables, couch and coffee table memorials and shelves)
  • Paid for painting areas not included in the grant as well as the new carpeting
  • Purchased computers enabling online catalog access
  • Purchased software
  • Contributed toward new computers and related furniture
  • Equipment for making your borrowing choices easier
  • Shelving
  • Office equipment including: paper shredder, printer, paper cutter
  • Display shelving, audio cases, showcases, book houses and a book truck
  • Office furniture and desks


  • Friends of the Orchard Park Library was founded

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